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Powering Prosperity: Unlocking Savings Through Multi-Purchase Energy Tariffs 


Rising energy costs are becoming a critical concern for manufacturing businesses of all sizes.  

Recent research conducted by Make UK indicates that a staggering 50% of manufacturers have witnessed an alarming surge of over 100% in energy costs within the last 12 months. Over a third of firms are actively searching for a new energy provider and two fifths have renegotiated a fixed tariff for the next year.  

Tune into our webinar where we shed light on immediate, practical solutions to reduce energy bills. We will simplify the intricate world of energy procurement, guiding you through innovative approaches that can transform the energy landscape for your manufacturing business, unlocking unprecedented savings while enhancing operational efficiency. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Understanding Multi-Purchase Energy Tariffs: Explore the simplicity and efficiency of contracts that allow energy purchases in multiple tranches over time.  
  • Advantages of Multi-Purchase Energy Solutions: Learn how embracing this approach can help to navigate the complexities of energy rates and options with confidence. Discover how it can be the key to maintaining financial predictability in the face of unpredictable energy markets. 
  • Driving Down Costs and Enhancing Efficiency: Uncover the strategic advantages of bulk purchasing and gain insights into success stories in manufacturing. 

This webinar is designed to equip you with the tools to make informed decisions that positively impact your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your energy strategy and take your business to the next level. 

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Adam Holt

Partnerships Account Director, Troo

Meet Adam Holt, our Partnerships Account Director at Troo, a seasoned professional in the UK business energy sector. With a wealth of experience, Adam specialises in cultivating valuable relationships with large clients. His expertise ensures seamless collaboration, innovative solutions, and optimal energy strategies for our partners. 

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Kieran Simpson

Pricing Manager, Troo

Introducing Kieran Simpson, the Pricing Manager at Troo. With a focus on managing energy rates and options, Kieran plays a pivotal role in securing optimal deals for clients with major business energy suppliers. His expertise ensures that Troo clients benefit from competitive pricing and tailored energy solutions, driving cost-efficiency and success.

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tom stjohn (1)

Tom St John

Multimedia Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom is the Multimedia Editor at The Manufacturer (part of Nineteen Group). His professional background is in broadcast journalism; in tv and radio. As well as writing for The Manufacturer Magazine, he leads on all our video content and is a presenter on The Manufacturer Podcast. Tom has thoroughly enjoyed immersing himself in the stories that our manufacturing and vendor communities have to tell, and views sessions like these as a valuable extension of that. 

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