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People are making the products – Industry 4.0 is enabling them to be better


11:00 EST I 16:00 BST I 29 April 2021


For many, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation is about technology and operations. However, at the beginning, middle and end of each of these lines is a real person doing real work to get product into the hands of end users.

Digital transformation impacts those shop floor workers often in a profound way by providing tools, data and instructions to be more effective and efficient. Ultimately these front-line workers are the support structure for bottom line business impact.

Join us to hear how front-line workers have been the backbone for digital transformation in this unprecedented COVID era.

This discussion will focus on two main topics:

  1. How workers have adapted to new working conditions with mobility, flexibility, collaboration and remote work opportunities enabled by digital transformation initiatives.
  2. How companies are able to use digital transformation to improve efficiency up and down the manufacturing process.
Discussion Points:
  • What's the "new normal" on the shop floor - what are front line workers dealing with as a result of COVID and how are they dealing with them?
  • What technological solutions have been the most impactful for them?
  • What's the best way to involve and engage the shop floor on a digital transformation?

Webinar Speakers:

Justin Hester

Justin Hester
Senior Director, Digital Transformation Group WW, PTC

Justin Hester, PTC’s Digital Transformation Sr. Director, works with companies’ leaders to help them chart their digital transformation, with a focus on driving top-line and bottom-line value. Before joining PTC, Justin led a global team responsible for setting and executing the digital transformation strategy for a major global automotive supplier. Justin has over 13 years of manufacturing innovation and leadership experience.  Justin holds an MBA, a Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and a BS in Computer Science.

stuart (1)

Stuart Biddle

Client Delivery Director, The Manufacturer

Stuart has been creating and delivering support programmes for manufacturing business leaders for over 10 years. At The Manufacturer he is responsible for ensuring our clients receive the best possible service. 

Stuart is fascinated by the industry’s people; their creativity, determination, and passion. He is a huge advocate for industry collaborating to mutual success and excited by the opportunities technology can offer.