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Innovation at Speed: The Power of 3D PrintingComplete the form to download the on-demand version of the webinar. 

On-demand Webinar:

Innovation at Speed: The Power of 3D Printing

On this webinar, our special guest, HP, explains how manufacturers can gain the biggest benefits from utilising 3D printing - such as:

  • Short lead times - from weeks or days to a matter of hours 
  • Low-cost production 
  • Design freedom for lightweight, complex yet robust manufacturing aids 
  • Fine and small features 
  • Chemical resistance and fluid tightness

With 3D printing, manufacturers can fabricate functional end-use parts faster than ever, and still achieve the fine detail and precision required. However, many manufacturers are also gaining efficiency benefits by using 3D printing as a tool to aid in the production process to quickly create lightweight yet robust manufacturing aids and end of arm tools.

This on-demand webinar provides the guidance you need to ensure a successful 3D printing implementation and also to make sure you can get the most from your 3D printer. Plus you’ll find out how and why you should adopt this technology to enhance your manufacturing processes, and lower your overall costs.

Watch and listen to The Manufacturer’s Editorial Director Nick Peters, and Maryam Qureshi, HP 3D Applications Engineer, UK&I, as they clearly and simply explain the benefits of 3D Printing, and offer valuable tips on the best ways to adopt and incorporate the technology.

Webinar Speakers:


Maryam Qureshi

HP 3D Applications Engineer – UK&I

Maryam Qureshi is a 3D Application Engineer. Maryam works specifically with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. Working directly with customers to assess their current manufacturing limitations, HP help find bespoke and cost-effective solutions to their problems. Maryam helps to implement the MJF solution into customers businesses by encouraging them to use the technology to innovate and design, specifically by designing for additive manufacturing.


Nick Peters

Editorial Director,The Manufacturer

Nick is responsible for overseeing Hennik’s developing array of content, bringing to the role decades of experience in business and journalism. In his career, he has been a foreign correspondent for national TV, radio and newspapers, as well as founding and operating business magazines.