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Industry 4.0Developing Leadership Within

On-demand Webinar

Companies around the globe find themselves in a much different place than they were at the beginning of the year. Strategic plans, forecasts, and profit objectives for a vast majority have been revised multiple times and likely bear remote resemblance to what they originally were.

As the marketplace attempts to stabilize itself, business executives are now challenged with repositioning organizations for a post-pandemic recovery. For those efforts to succeed, changes must be made and adopted to practice in real time. While leadership at the top is critical for needed direction, it’s no longer enough for needed transitions.

To succeed in the next industrial age, leadership must come from within the organization. Mid-level managers and frontline supervisors, positioned at the point of interface with the workforce, must have the people-oriented skills needed to gain buy-in and facilitate technology transitions

Join us for this session as we discuss why frontline leadership is critical to success in the 4th industrial age and outline steps that can be taken to improve it.

Webinar Speakers:

Joe White

Joe White 

Program Manager, AEU LEAD ™ 

Joe White joined The American Equity Underwriters in March 2016 with 26 years of operational safety experience. He is a Program Manager for AEU LEAD™, helping members transform operational goals, primarily involving safety, into actionable plans through a structured change management process. Prior to joining AEU, Joe was a senior consultant for E.I. DuPont’s consulting division, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, where he developed safety practices using extensive research in behavioral sciences compiled over a period of nearly two decades. He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and has a Bachelor of Science in Safety and Risk Administration. 

Jonny Williamsom - The Manufacturer

Jonny Williamson

Editor of themanufacturer.com, The Manufacturer

Jonny Williamson is the Editor of TheManufacturer.com and has been for six years. Previously a Course Director and Lecturer in A-Level Media, Film and Journalism, he has worked as a journalist covering the industrial sectors for almost a decade and has unparalleled knowledge in the space. Jonny is widely regarded as the go-to person for manufacturing insight, commentary and thought leadership, and frequently interviews business owners and their executive teams, global technology leaders, academics and government ministers.

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