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The role of AI/ML in supply chain transformation and manufacturing

On Demand Webinar

This webinar brought together experts from across the industry in Al and Manufacturing to explore how the emergence of technologies such as Al and Machine Learning has the ability to revolutionise manufacturing.

A recent survey of UK manufacturers found that utilisation of Al/ML and other predictive technologies in optimising supply chain and operations is low.

Infor's Andrew Kinder was joined by Sara Patrick from Oliver Packaging and Equipment, and Dimitri French from AWS to discuss how Al can transform your manufacturing business through process optimisation and innovation.


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 Andrew Kinder

Senior Vice President, Industry Strategy, Infor

Andrew Kinder leads the Strategy team for Infor Discrete Manufacturing globally.   His role involves developing a deep understanding of customer needs, their challenges and ambitions and the technologies that help them achieve their transformations and growth.   Based in the UK, Andrew’s background is in manufacturing and supply chain and the enterprise applications that serve these.

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Sara Patrick

Sales Analyst, Oliver Packaging & Equipment 

Sara Patrick is the Sales Analyst at Oliver Packaging & Equipment and one of the leads for integrating Coleman AI, Document Management and Birst within the company. She provides her team with insight into the organization sales, customer order anomalies, market trends, and forecasting


Dimitri French

Principal, Machine Learning Solutions, EMEA, AWS

Dimitri French is leading AI strategy for AWS across EMEA, focusing on Generative AI and industrial AI applications. Dimitri’s background is in mathematical modelling and machine learning for continuous manufacturing, including Power and Utilities, renewable generation and dispatch optimisation. Prior to joining AWS, Dimitri led projects on market modelling and forecasting with AI.

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Tom St John

Multimedia Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom is the Multimedia Editor at The Manufacturer (part of Nineteen Group). His professional background is in broadcast journalism; in tv and radio. As well as writing for The Manufacturer Magazine, he leads on all our video content and is a presenter on The Manufacturer Podcast. Tom has thoroughly enjoyed immersing himself in the stories that our manufacturing and vendor communities have to tell, and views sessions like these as a valuable extension of that. 

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