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Webinar: Trading smoothly through currency volatility

20 March, 11:00 (GMT)

For any business operating in more than one country or dependent on foreign customers or imports, currency risk is an ever-present threat to profitability.

Adverse currency moves can change the cost of goods and services necessary for the fulfilment of a contract, eroding profitability, and any firm taking revenues in foreign currency has to consider the exchange rate when repatriating that income to sterling.

Given all these factors, it is no surprise that a number of companies this year have had to restate their earnings forecasts, specifically because of currency risk. Thankfully, hedging offers a way to offset these risks.

As we approach Brexit, Tony Bescoby, currency risk management expert at Investec will be joined by Victoria Clarke, one of Investec’s most senior economists to discuss:

1. The big economic challenges facing the UK manufacturing sector
2. The impact these could have on manufacturers’ day to day operations and profits
3. How manufacturing firms can protect against these challenges

Webinar Speakers:

Tony Bescoby

Tony Bescoby

Risk Management @Investec

Tony has more than 20 years of expertise providing FX and interest rate hedging and risk management solutions. Investec’s UK team provides risk management solutions to support small and medium-sized business reliant on imports and exports of goods and services. The team helps these businesses to manage their interest rate risk and currency and commodity exposure, as well as providing cash management services.

Victoria Clarke

Victoria Clarke

Economist @Investec

Victoria is an integral member of the Investec Economics team with a great level of expertise on the UK economy and Brexit. After graduating in 2003, Victoria joined the UK's Government Economic Service. She was part of the National Economic Council team set up under Prime Minister Gordon Brown where she was tasked with helping Downing Street with its economic response to the financial crisis. She also worked on the ‘Star Chamber’, supporting the then Chancellor George Osborne agree the 2010 spending cuts.


Nick Peters

Editorial Director @The Manufacturer

Nick is responsible for overseeing Hennik’s developing array of content, bringing to the role decades of experience in business and journalism. In his career, he has been a foreign correspondent for national TV, radio and newspapers, as well as founding and operating business magazines.

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