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Production is Evolving… Do You Have the Insights to Keep Up?

Over more than 20 years delivering automation and production management solutions, Novotek and key partner GE Digital have found that firms with best-in-class performance in areas such as on-time delivery, right-first-time quality, and capacity utilisation have all had similar experiences in the way they developed their performance improvement programs.

There are common steps in each of their journeys that show how they supplemented existing automation and systems with staged investments in new technologies to give them key capabilities in performance analysis, production execution and supply chain coordination.

Their experience can be put to work for your benefit – illustrating how they tackled challenges like yours, and how the choices they made helped balance their competing priorities.

We invite you to download our paper – Production Is Evolving, where we share ideas gleaned from customers who have succeeded in harnessing the data generated from their daily operations to achieve results like: 15% improvements in first-pass quality 10% capacity recovery 30% inventory reductions

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