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Manufacturing Momentum Report 2024 


A Comprehensive Overview of Commercial Opportunities

in the UK Manufacturing Industry 

Researched and produced by:
The Manufacturer

Seizing Opportunities in the Thriving UK Manufacturing Sector

At The Manufacturer, our commitment to continuous research spans over three decades, allowing us to fully understand the perspectives of our community of over 250,000 manufacturers. This provides us with unparalleled insights into their priorities, concerns, and anticipated challenges for the upcoming year.  

  Annually, we translate this wealth of knowledge into the Manufacturing Momentum Report, a comprehensive overview of commercial opportunities within the manufacturing sector for vendors seeking to build a high-profit, quick-win pipeline. 

  The eagerly awaited 2024 edition of the report will be published soon, but preliminary insights are available today. Complete the form to download the Preliminary Insights now.

Manufacturing Momentum Report 2024

Your Path to Quick-Win, High-Profit Deals

Armed with the knowledge gained from the Manufacturing Momentum Report, you will be ready to win in the manufacturing space by running demand generation campaigns that deliver quick-win, high-profit deals within the industry. The opportunities are immense in 2024. 

Unprecedented Budget Boost

The UK Government has pledged £4.5 billion in funding for British manufacturers to supercharge economic growth in 2024. Our research reveals that manufacturers were already planning to increase technology spending, creating an industry with more financial potential than it is accustomed to.  

 Insights Straight from the Source

Dive deep into the heart of the manufacturing sector with insights drawn from continuous research conducted by The Manufacturer. Benefit from the wisdom of our 250,000-strong community. 

A Dynamic Industry Landscape

As the manufacturing industry evolves, stay ahead of the curve with our detailed overview. We spotlight challenges and drivers shaping the trajectory of the sector, guiding you on how to strategically position yourself as a solution provider for manufacturers' critical needs.   


Manufacturing Momentum Report 2024

8 Key Challenges, 1 Solution 

These are the 8 areas of investment for manufacturers over the next 12 months.

  • Automation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Industrial Data
  • AI
  • Leadership, People & Skills
  • Sustainability
  • Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security
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Preliminary insight

The depth of The Manufacturer’s community research, combined with the insight, analysis, and knowledge from the sector’s leading Editorial Team gives vendors everything they need to make data-driven, consultative sales based upon real needs and pain points.  

Download today and generate a high-value pipeline quickly, easily, and intelligently.