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The Manufacturer Directors' Forum

- Roundtables

The Manufacturer Directors’ Forum is an invitation-only group of the most senior executives from The Manufacturer’s 267k strong reader community. For over a decade, the group has met regularly for confidential, topic-specific discussions called Roundtables. Recent topics have included:

  • Trends, Challenges & Opportunities of Smart Manufacturing
  • Gaining Velocity and Agility through Data Driven Manufacturing
  • Reaching Operational Resilience
  • Unleashing AI on Manufacturing Value Chains
  • Powering Supply Chain Performance and Smart Manufacturing

When invited to join, members are asked to provide insight into topics of most interest to them. This allows Roundtables to be tailored specifically to members’ content preferences and availability.


“Attending Directors' Forum sessions has allowed me to grow my professional network and helped benchmark and understand the challenges of my peers.”    

Head of Business Intelligence, Rolls-Royce 


Roundtables are delivered in two formats: virtual or in-person.


In-person Roundtables are formatted as confidential discussions over an upscale three-course dinner, discussing the realities of running a manufacturing business in today’s climate. The exclusive, hosted environments provide an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer networking and a chance to discuss with other manufacturing leaders the current business issues whilst sharing ideas, views and experiences over good wine.

Virtual Roundtables are securely hosted, online discussions, moderated by one of the senior editorial team from The Manufacturer. These are free to join, short-format meetings designed to promote candid debate and the sharing of practical ideas that members can, and do, put to work the very next day. All attendees are sent a bottle of wine in advance to enjoy during the event.

The next Roundtables will be at Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week in Birmingham (5-6 June 2024). There will be breakfasts and dinners, discussing the key issues facing the sector, forming part of the UK's largest festival of advanced manufacturing.

Directors’ Forum Members can email the team at events_tm@nineteengroup.com for topic and scheduling information of these events.

If you are not a member and would like to be invited to join The Manufacturer Directors’ Forum, please fill in the form on this page. Once accepted, you will receive a full list of upcoming topics and dates.


To register your interest simply add your details and one of the team will be in touch to walk you through what we have coming up and which sessions will be of most value to you.

Manufacturer Directors Forum
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